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G.E. Anderson is an American journalist and photographer. He has contributed images and/or words to ABC News, The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, New York, Car and Driver, Popular MechanicsRobb Report, Worth, Motor Trend, the Ann Arbor Observer, and others.

While studying business, law, and photography on a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship to the University of Michigan, Anderson founded Maize House, a creative studio and publishing company specializing in photography and other forms of visual storytelling.

Maize House caters to a broad mix of clients, including magazines, newspapers, advertising and PR agencies, universities, and individuals -- actors, models, professionals, or anybody who wants to turn ideas into images.


If you can imagine it, we can photograph it. We might even give you some ideas.


If a picture's worth 1,000 words, what are your pictures saying? Subject, setting, composition, and light all contribute volumes. 


When your project calls for words, it helps to have professional editors and writers at your disposal.


Our expertise in digital and social media, as well as search engine optimization, can make your images available to a wider audience.

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